The Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining Bamboo Flooring

Homeowners are increasingly turning to bamboo flooring because of its natural beauty and similarity to wood and its environmentally friendly reputation. Bamboo flooring is a good flooring option for homeowners who want a durable floor that will last the lifetime of their home with proper care and maintenance.

When bamboo floors are installed, they are usually pre-finished in the factory. If they are not prefinished in the factory, they are finished during the installation process. Maintaining the integrity of the finish is key to proper maintenance of a bamboo floor. To protect the finish, the floor should be vacuumed, dust mopped or swept every day to prevent the abrasiveness of dirt from harming the floor’s finish. Daily sweeping or dust mopping can prevent the buildup of dirt which can harm the floor’s finish, especially in high traffic areas.

Bamboo is more resistant to moisture and humidity than other types of flooring. However, it is not recommended that you use a damp mop or sponge as part of daily cleaning. Excess moisture can cause the floor to swell. There are products on the market that are specially tailored to clean bamboo floors and they should be used to clean up any stains or scuff marks.

If a bamboo floor has a urethane finish, eventually over time this finish will dull due to heavy foot traffic. It’s important that the floor be refinished every few years to maintain its luster and shine and to protect the floor from abrasives and damage. Recoating or restoring the finish is necessary to maintain the integrity of the floor. Waxing a bamboo floor is not recommended, as a waxed floor requires regular buffing with a buffing machine. Plus, once a bamboo floor is waxed, it must continually be waxed; it can no longer be finished with urethane or another finisher.

When properly maintained and care for, a bamboo floor is an attractive and durable flooring option for many areas of the home. Preventative maintenance and daily sweeping or dust mopping can protect the finish and refinishing will help maintain the integrity of the floor. This flooring can last a lifetime when it is properly cleaned and maintained.