Green Hardwood Flooring Options for the Environmentally Friendly Home

Many people love hardwood floors because of their rich natural textures and colors and their well-deserved reputation for durability. Many people would love to install hardwood floors in their homes, but they have a false perception that hardwood floors are not an environmentally sound choice in terms of flooring. In fact, there are many species of hardwood floors that are generated from renewable sources and harvested in a sustainable way. Many manufacturers specialize in producing green hardwood floors, which takes into account the source, how it is manufactured and finished and the environmental impact the flooring has on the home and the environment at large.

These green hardwood flooring options have given homeowners a beautiful flooring option that is safe for the environment yet still durable and beautiful enough to make any home dazzle with the classic appeal of a traditional hardwood floor. There are many options for homeowners who want a traditional hardwood floor that is certified as environmentally friendly.

One option that has become increasingly popular is hardwood flooring made from salvaged timber. This timber is salvaged from lakes and waterways and is used to make flooring and lumber in a completely sustainable way. The wood is dried and milled into fabulous flooring, saving acres of trees in the process and offering customers a traditional hardwood floor that is green friendly and attractive.

There are other options for eco-friendly hardwood flooring including reclaimed hardwood flooring where the wood is derived from antique sources such as railroad ties or other homes. The wood is then refinished and ready to install in a home. This is in fact a recycled product, because the wood had been used for another purpose and has been recycled and manufactured into a traditional hardwood floor.

In addition to the sources of woods, finishes have become more environmentally friendly, and many companies use non-toxic finishing products on their flooring if it’s pre-finished in the factory. If a homeowner is having the floor finished by an installer after installation, they can request that the installer use a green finishing product to cut down on toxins and produce a beautiful finish for the floor without harming the environment.

Homeowners now have a choice in traditional hardwood floors that is friendly to the environment in every possible way without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of a hardwood floors.