Green Friendly Carpeting Finds Appeal among Eco Conscious Homeowners

Homeowners are looking for green carpeting solutions for their homes in record numbers and many manufacturers are rising to the occasion. Whether it’s improving the way they manufacture carpets, the materials they use to construct them or the use of natural compounds instead of volatile organic compounds, green friendly carpeting has become big business.

One of the most popular green carpeting options is carpeting that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. These carpets are made from recycled plastic and other materials that would have been bound for the garbage heap, contributing to a landfill instead of become a useful product. These carpets are every bit as durable as their non-green counterparts, but offer consumers an eco friendly choice when they choose a carpet. There is also no sacrifice on style and selection. Manufacturers have made sure that there are plenty of colors, styles and textures for the eco conscious homeowner to choose from so they can beautify their home and do their part to help save the environment by buying a green friendly product.

In addition to making carpets out of recycled material, manufacturers are taking great care with the compounds they use to make the carpeting. Volatile organic compounds were once a heavy presence in carpets and other flooring options and they contributed to a certain amount of indoor air pollution. These toxins are responsible for a myriad of health problems, including allergies and asthma. Manufacturers are now making carpets with little to no volatile organic compounds. These compounds can not only be harmful to the indoor air, but can get into the groundwater and outdoor air as well. The carpeting industry is developing standards where many manufacturers have voluntarily reduced the amount of volatile organic compounds or eliminated their use altogether. This is a great choice for homeowners who want to breathe healthy air and limit their exposure to toxins.

Companies are also looking to reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. The carbon footprint refers to how many non-renewable sources of energy were expended to make the carpet, ship the carpet, and install the carpet. By reducing the carbon footprint and reducing energy expenditure during the manufacturing process, homeowners can have a beautiful carpet installed that is certified Earth friendly and one that was made with as little an impact to the environment as possible.