Choose the Best Carpet for your Needs

Carpeting remains a popular flooring choice for many consumers. It is particularly popular for certain rooms of the home such as the bedroom and living room because of its warmth and softness. For consumers who are concerned with cost, there is also the fact that it is typically less expensive to install than other options.

Still, there are decisions to be made when choosing carpet. Not only must consumers decide on a color but they must also decide which type of carpet will best suit their needs.

Textured carpet, also known as shag carpet, is a type of carpet which has a textured pattern to it. This option is beneficial because it will hide the appearance of footprints.

Saxony carpet has a smooth surface. It is predominantly used in rooms of the home that are formal in nature. Velvet carpet is another type of carpet that is used in elegant or formal rooms. This type of carpet does require more upkeep than many other types of carpets.

Frieze carpet is one of the most durable carpeting choices on the market. Consequently, it makes a good choice for rooms in which there is a lot of foot traffic.

Another option that is a good choice for rooms in which there is a lot of traffic and which may also receive stains is cut and loop carpet. This type of carpet features numerous cuts and loops that are of different sizes.

Along with choosing the different type of carpet, consumers will also need to consider different carpet fibers. Options include olefin, nylon, acrylic, wool and polyester. The most popular option is nylon because it is less expensive and is able to hide stains and wear.

Finally, consumers will need to choose a pattern and a color. This step by itself will take some time given the numerous options that are currently available on the market. The best way to choose a final selection is to narrow choices down and then bring home samples to see how they work with the existing décor.