Unconventional Hardwood Flooring Ideas

When thinking about getting hardwood flooring, the idea is appealing, but many people are hesitant to have the same floors as all of their friends and neighbors.  Today we will take a look at some unique hardwood flooring ideas, all of which are "green" as well.

The first idea is bamboo floors.  Bamboo floors are durable and hypo allergenic while also having a very unique look and feel.  In addition, bamboo is harvested without the need to destroy the root of the plant, which means that it continues to grow.  The same piece of bamboo can actually be harvested multiple times in its life.  Bamboo flooring is made by shaving the bamboo and then compressing and adhering the strips together under high pressure.

Distressed or scraped hardwood flooring also gives a home a very unique look.  The wood is beaten up or scraped to give it a unique texture and aesthetic quality that makes it look antiqued and highly unique.  The end result is very attractive, and can give your home a look that no one can duplicate.  This is a very popular choice for people struggling to find a unique yet environmentally friendly flooring option.

The last option is reclaimed hardwood flooring.  This is perhaps the most environmentally friendly flooring option, as it utilizes wood that would otherwise be destined for incineration or composting.  While this in and of itself is a good thing, most reclaimed wood is what is known as "old growth heartwood".  This wood is remarkably strong and durable, and takes over two hundred years to form.  While environmental concerns often prevent the harvesting of this wood, its use as reclaimed wood is actually considered to be quite environmentally friendly.

In short, a desire for a "green" floor does not have to equal a boring or common floor.  There are numerous options that can give your home a truly unique look and feel.  "Green" options are the best options whenever possible, and these ideas may give you just the inspiration you need to find the décor you want to use in your new home.